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GCSE Science is a compulsory subject choice but students can study this in a number of ways. All students study core science which consists of Chemistry, Biology and Physics.


Biology is the study of living organisms and their interactions with each other and the environment. Students are able to study the natural world which opens up their mind on how we can live in future generations and create a sustainable world in the years to come. The key areas you need to revise are:

  • Cell Biology – Students must identify cell types, their functions and understand cellular respiration. Students must be able to describe the cell growth process through mitosis and meiotic cell division.
  • Transport Systems – As well as the complex human circulatory system, students need to understand the transport system in plants and within cells
  • Heart & ┬áDisease – Students will learn about certain diseases, their cures and preventative measures.


Chemistry is the study of matters in terms of composition, structures and reactions. Students will also study the elements of the earth, atmosphere and the environment. Student will be required to have an understanding of the atomic structures. The selection will give students the foundation for studying chemistry by learning atoms. Students will also be learning about the elements of the modern periodic table.

Students will also be required to study chemical bonding. Students at this point will study the different types of chemical bonding. Students will also be required to understand the states of matter and how matter can change. Students will be required to understand chemical equations and write chemical symbols.

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