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If there is one subject that students either love or hate is Mathematics.

The new specification means that the maths courses are placing much more emphasis on problem solving and these are becoming more challenging for students. The subjects are assessed through exams only so it is important that students prepare fully the first time around. The knowledge is to be learnt off by heart and apply their knowledge and reasoning to provide clear mathematical arguments in the students answers.

The maths courses, at GCSE, are split into 4 sub categories :

  • Algebra and Number
  • Geometry and Measures
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Ratios, Proportion and rates of change.

GCSE Maths Tips

On the day of your exam make sure that you have the right frame of mind to optimise your performance. Always  make sure that your calculator is working and when you are in your exam ensure that you show all of your workings out. Try to draw any diagrams as neat as possible and always use a pencil to carryout these tasks. Read all of the questions twice and take a deep breath and get started.

At this stage you should be fully prepared to smash your maths exam. Always remember to prepare for your exam and get a good nights sleep the day  before!

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