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English is a subject that is compulsory in the UK education system. This means that all students must learn the courses that underpin English as a qualification. All students will be required to study English language and English Media or English Literature. In some cases students who excel may be required to take all subjects at GCSE level.

Some students struggle with English and the subject can be a daunting experience. From the years of us providing tutoring we have seen the great advantages English tutors can make to pupils chances of benefiting from their school education.

Students who struggle with subjects will switch off and this is generally the case with English. In some cases the tutoring they get at home can be the best time spent and they will be much more alert and understand the subject with NO distractions!

Contact us today and get an English tutor in Bristol to come to your home and give your child the education they deserve. Our Bristol English tutors are all DBS checked and hold at least first year degree qualifications.

English Literature

Students will be asked to study a range of high quality texts, challenging and substantial pieces of texts. This will include:

  • At least one play by Shakespeare
  • At least one 19th century novel
  • A selection of property since 1789
  • Romantic poetry
  • British fiction from 1914 onward

In the exam students will have to tackle an unseen text along with prepared texts. The emphasis is on deepening the understanding of the text for the student, making links where necessary.

Critical Reading

Students will be required to identify themes in literature and provide evidence supported with reasoning referring to any text given to them.


Students will be required to understand words, phrases or sentence in context. They need to explore aspects of plots, characterization, events and settings.

GCSE English Literature Outcomes

The GCSE English Literature exam will help students to develop their knowledge in reading, writing and critical thinking.

The English Literature exam will enable the student to:

  • Read a wide range of classic literature in a fluent fashion
  • Make connections across various texts
  • Read in depth, critically evaluating texts.
  • Develop a habit of reading widely.
  • Acquire and use a wide range of vocabulory

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