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The subject Business Studies is generally seen as a subject that can introduce you into the world of business. The subject aims to give students a good understanding of all the small details that make up what a business is and how they operate. Our Bristol Business tutors are able to help your child understand the very fundamentals of the business course.

Some students take the notion that business is an easy subject, this is far from the truth, our business tutors will tell you that. The issue with business studies is that it is almost completely different to what students had been doing previously, especially since not one key term in the business syllabus is ever mentioned during years 7, 8 and 9. Our Business tutors in Bristol says this is the main reason why students feel that they can coast the course and the exam until they get to a couple of months before the exam and realise they have a lot of work to catch up on, unfortunately Business is not an exam you can try and wing. The subject, just like other strenuous subjects, takes dedicated and a shear amount of time to master, it is not a subject you can just revise the week before and master it. The business course comes complete with a number of topics.

The Business course overview

The course starts by introducing the basic level of study, this is where students will be required to learn new but very basic terminology, the type that is just common sense, this lasts for around a month at GCSE and will ease the student in.

The student will start to learn intermediate knowledge such as how to make a profit and calculate it, what a cash flow forecast is and how to conduct one also how to measure break even.

Towards the end of the course the student should have a very good grasp on business knowledge and at the very basic level they should be able to calculate gross profit. The amount of times we have students who come to us for help and who are unable to calculate gross profit at the end of year 11 is scary, but it shows that too little staff for a high demand subject means you as a parent have an obligation to assist your children. By the end of the academic year 11 students will have learnt over 35 different sub topics which are HUGE! They go as numerical as profit to as objective as motivation theories.

Our Business tutors in Bristol say that the subject is one that students get lost in! It is a fact and from our experience it is a subject that students feel like a black hole is sucking them in. Don’t let your children get to that point and help them out!

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