A little bit about our tutoring journey

Here at uTutor we started as a company that wanted to bring quality tutoring to the homes of thousands of parents. For the past few years we have certainly been doing that. Working tirelessly with local tutors and parents we have built up a solid foundation of great testimonials from parents who are really happy with our services.


Our founder Kristian Harris was a mere student himself when he set up uTutor. Yes, believe it or not this business was built my a 19 year old looking to improve on his own experience in gaining a tutor for his A-Levels. He then attended his home cities university and decided it was time to get his business brain on. With degree education on hand within a year and a half he built a business that had achieved a large number of students and continued to successfully run uTutor until the end of his studies. With Cardiff a very much cemented position as a reputable tutoring company expansion was on the horizons. Taking the tutoring across to the whole of the UK was the next move.

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What makes us different?

All of our tutors will hold current DBS checks and we ensure this. At any time an active student can request to see a DBS form, which usually takes around 3-7 days to complete. All tutors will be of degree level and will have had A-Level experience also. Tutoring does not require a qualification which means we take extra pride in making sure all tutors are up to scratch. As we discussed on our home page we take on tutors from local universities who really shine from the rest. In some regular cases we have enabled students to see that their passion is in tutoring, and a large handful of our tutors have gone on to further their career as full time teachers!


We are delighted to be able to offer our wonderful tutoring services to the people of Bristol and we look forward to working with all students and parents over the next successful years we have here. We are committed to Bristol just as much as any other city we go into, but we safe in the knowledge that our tutoring is the best quality you can get. Our experience has shown us that nothing matters more than really great tutors and an even greater tutoring business to compliment that.

Our top subjects

English 94%
Mathematics 92%
Science 96%
Business 100%
History 89%


We make sure we are providing you with the highest quality Bristol home tutors available.


Its like A,B,C. Finding a great tutor in Bristol is the easiest process with us, find a tutor, book a lesson and the tutor will be at your door.


We ensure that the we teach using a specific curriculum and our tutors will understand what needs to be taught.


We’re only a phone-call away, please never hesitate to get in contact with our team if you have any questions regarding out tutors.
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Paul Averill

“Highly recommend using you to any parent I meet, I have used UTutor to help both of my children and the tutors they give me are fantastic.”

Sarah Ali

“By far the best tutors in Bristol. So friendly and dedicated to help!”

Helen Price

“I was recommended to have 2-4 hours a week for my daughter, Ellie and using UTutors advice, meant she got an A* in her Maths exam and we were thrilled!

Maalik Fazaal

“I am so pleased with the tutor you found for me, he is fantastic. My son now enjoys the lessons! Its difficult to find a great tutor for a good price, thank you!”


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