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Welcome to uTutor Education – tutors in Bristol. Over the past four years uTutor has grown from a one tutor company to a company boasting over 20 tutors across South Wales. With over 5000 hours of tutoring completed in students homes uTutor Education tutors in Bristol are a sure fire way to really increase the attainment of your children’s education.

uTutor Education is a company that’s single aim is to assist children in their learning across the compulsory curriculum. We work alongside the curriculum to enable our students to learn relative to what is being taught in schools.

How it works? As a parent finding a tutor can be a daunting task, before you know it three weeks have passed and you have only managed to look at a few tutors profiles. We take out the hard work for you and guarantee you a tutor within 7-10 days of you registering your interest. It is really that simple. All you need to do is call our tutors in Bristol office, we run through a few questions with you so that we can understand what you need and then we aim to get a tutor out to you. No more worrying, all you need to do is make sure the lessons are going to plan with the tutor and to continue being a good parent!

uTutor Education was designed to take the stress out of finding a tutor. We want to do all of that for you and that is why we have been so successful to date. Three and a half years in South Wales taught us more than enough so that we can take this to your lovely city of Bristol and achieve even greater things.

Bristol Home Tutors
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English Tutors

At uTutor we provide reliable, talented and passionate tutors in Bristol. All our English tutors have tutoring experience and have been chosen to work with  us because of their credible experience. We feel English is a vital subject that students are benefiting from when its understood on every level.  Our Bristol based English tutors ensure that every pupil they work with understands every required aspect before they take their exam. All our English tutors will work alongside the national curriculum making sure all content taught is relevant and works towards improving their tutees overall confidence.

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Mathematics Tutors

Maths is a subject that is like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it! We wanted to make maths an easier process for children of all ages to follow and understand. We work tirelessly to ensure that our maths tutors meet the very best of standards.

As with all our tutors they will have had extensive experience in their subjects and will be confident in their mathematics ability. Mathematics is best in practice and we ensure that all our students get full practice before any exams they take. Our maths tutors can teach a child as young as 5 all the way up to degree level!

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Science Tutors

Science is a great subject and can open the eyes of many children of the wonders of the universe! Science can become a passion for any student but others it can prove a challenge.

Science can prove difficult to follow and in some schools the rapid pace of the course means that some students can feel lost with the sheer amount of information being given to them at any one time. Our tutors make the process much more easier for the student to follow and improve their attainment across the three sciences.

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Business Tutors

Business is a subject that many students under estimate. Business Studies can give a GCSE and A-Level student a  good sound grounding of the fundamentals of the daily running of a business.

Our tutors make the process of learning all this information a more efficient task and will work with the student throughout the course in order for their students to fully grasp all the business concepts and get an A in their exam.

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History Tutors


History is an intriguing subject and opens the student to the past events that have shaped the world. History can ignite interest in students that improve their essay skills and investigation skills. 

History can be struggle for some students and our tutors in Bristol make that process much easier to follow. 






How does it work?

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We focus on the main core subjects, with the exception if our tutors in Bristol have multi-faceted skills. Here at uTutor we know what subjects people struggle with. We have years of experience in analyzing what subjects students struggle with the most. We supply the best tutoring talent in the subjects of Maths, English, The 3 Sciences, Business & Economics and History. As discussed some of our tutors do other subjects and this will be listed on their profiles.

Each of Bristol tutors has a profile. This is so that it makes it a much friendlier process for us to show you who will be coming to your home to tutor your children. It also allows for your child to prepare for when the tutor comes to your home. We source our tutors from the local universities and schools around the area. Tutoring can be lucrative for teachers and specialist students wanting to make a bit of extra income but it is also highly rewarding and can really improve the tutors education themselves.


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We Find You a Tutor in Bristol

Our tutors are only of really high quality and are all interviewed. Our motto is ‘Quality over Quantity’ and we have stuck to that motto from day one of operation. All tutors will have had previous tutoring experience and if not, this will mean they are an exceptional tutor who we feel can deliver consistent tutoring results for all tutees. As you would expect from a professional organization all tutors are criminal record checked to ensure the fullest quota of safety we can complete.

Once we found you a tutor and you are ready to go we expect a deposit payment before lessons take place. Don’t worry all lessons are quality guaranteed, we do this to safeguard the tutors expenses if the first lessons has to be cancelled. All lessons are to be paid in full by PayPal or credit/debit card on the day of tutoring and the tutor DOES NOT take payment once the lesson has been completed. No tutor at our business handles cash on the job, this is against our policies for the safety of the tutors. For parents that wish to set up direct debits with us we offer a 10% discount on the overall monthly cost of your tutoring.


You Pick a Bristol Home Tutor

You will get a range of Bristol based tutors to choose from and you get to look at their profile online in our parent’s only area. You will need a special password and username for this, which we give you and this will allow you to really check out the credentials of the tutor that we will want to send out to you. You can also check out our other tutors just in case you need another tutor for another subject. This area of the websites lets parents put themselves in complete control without having to deal with all the boring bits of getting a tutor, such as going back and forth working out times and dates, something we pride ourselves on being the best at.


A Tutor Comes To The House

Once you have chosen your favourite tutor we will then book you in for a specific time slot. We expect you to adhere to this timeslot if you have booked a series of lessons and please do not change the time and date, only under extreme circumstances must this happen. The tutor will then come to your house for every lesson until you run the course. We recommend between 2-3 hours per week of tutoring per student to really get the most out of the tutoring!


Tutoring FAQ's

As a parent you would love to have everything for your child, what parent wouldn’t? When it comes to tuition have a clear aim, goal and objective. What is the aim of acquiring a private tutor for your child? What goals would you like your child to achieve with a private tutor and overall what is the end objective? Do you have a certain grade you want your child to achieve or would you just like your child to have some support in a given subject? Ask yourself these questions and this should set you up nicely.

What goals do you want?

As a parent it would be great if tutoring could solve all the problems, but usually that isn’t the case. Tutoring is a two way process and requires dedication from both tutor and tutee. When it comes to tutoring make sure you have a clear aim, goal and objective. Why are you having tutoring? That is the question you want to ask? Do you have a certain grade you want your child to achieve or do you just want some general help week to week? If you write down the goals then you should find you have a realistic expectation of the tutoring that will take place.

Have a budget...

Always have a budget in mind when looking for a tutor. A business like ours will always try and remain affordable whilst freelance tutors can charge less or much more. Prices do vary considerably across the UK and remember you generally pay for what you get. A tutor charging 10 pounds per hour might seem attractive but be realistic as to why and always be caution when trying to go cheap with tutoring. In the end it will be a much more pleasant experience if you sit down and work out how much it is going to cost. On average a tutoring session costs 25GBP per hour with most students taking two hours per week. This equates to 200gbp per month. For in demand season and an A-Level class average lesson costs are around 30GBP per hour. Again one two hour sessions four times a month are usually popular which costs 240gbp per month per subject.

Do not panic!

Find a tutor can be a daunting process and in most cases time can be of the essence. We never recommend trying to cram tutoring in a month before the exam, we have seen much greater results from students who have tutoring all year around. If you are in the position where you are cramming the tutoring in then do not panic. Give yourself a plan of action such as a time frame and stick to it, in the end you should have a handful of tutors to choose from.

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